Original Tattoo Armrest EL - pillow size 35x25cm by GG Workshop

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The description has not yet been invented, here are some characteristics:

— pillow size: 35×25сm (13.8×9.8"), 
— height and tilt adjustment, 
— metal frame with powder painting, 
— height: min 70— max 115 cm (27,5–45.3"), 
— frame base size 50cm (19.6 "), metal 4 mm. 
— weight 8 kg
— Massive, steady, reliable

Please note that buyers outside the EU and the US may have to pay customs duties!

Have you ever seen a tattoo studio without furniture at least once? Probably, the answer is negative. But that's to be expected because furniture, just like artist equipment, is an essential part of any studio. There can’t be a proper and comfortable workplace without it.

Good quality furniture allows workers to perform the job at the highest level of their skills and knowledge. It helps you to avoid muscle tension and keeps you fresh and energetic all day. But except for artists, it has a great impact on the experience of the client too. People who visit your place would like to have a tattoo done in a comfortable and non-stressing environment. What’s the point for them to come to your place, spend money for the service and suffer from fatigue and stress? So, you should think about upgrading your studio with the most important furniture to provide yourself and customers with at least minimal comfort.

Why pay attention to EL armrests?

A large tattoo armrest is a must-have thing for every tattoo master in any studio. Without it, the client will certainly have a problem relaxing his arm. As a result, he will suffer from muscle tension and get a bit disappointed with the service quality at your place. That is why it is so important to fix this issue by getting tattoo arm rest EL and providing clients additional conveniences and stable support.

Also, without a soft and wide pillow on the stand, the client can unintentionally start moving his arms. This problem can affect the final result and reduce the performance of the artists significantly. Ignoring it is not a solution and brings only negative consequences both for the artists and the client. People will avoid visiting your studio while you will lose clients, making the business less profitable. Investing in good furniture is always important.

How to choose a large tattoo armrest?

The first factor is you can save some money and time by purchasing an adjustable tattoo arm rest EL 35x25 cm. This type has the possibility to change the height of the item from 70 cm to 115 cm (27,5 – 45,3’’) or adapt the tilt of the cushion accordingly to the needs. It is a very useful feature that prevents you from buying extra products for different customer sizes and saves space in the studio. The stability and strong frames ensure that the weight of the client won't be a problem too.

Another point refers to the stability of the EL armrest. In comparison with other alternatives, this one has a flat and wide base. It guarantees good stability for the client's arm during tattooing sessions without slipping. This massive device is perfect for studio placement and servicing various clients throughout the day.

Pay attention to materials. The lifetime of the furniture depends mainly on its materials and design. Fortunately, the tattoo arm rest EL size 35x25 cm model, like many others at our shop, is made of strong steel for the frame and high resilience foam in the cushions. With our attention to the quality and materials, you can be sure of reliability.

What can you expect from dealing with us?

GG Workshop is a company that appreciates its clients and offers them only cheap but high-quality products. If you want to catch an even bigger discount, sometimes there are products on sale. It is a suitable time to invest in an EL armrest and create a comfortable environment in the studio, making your business grow.

For our company, it does not matter whether you are from the USA, the UK or other parts of the world. GG Workshop offers fast shipping to any country you want. There is a guarantee of full refunding within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the order.