Original Tattoo Armrest XL - pillow size 50x37cm by GG Workshop - PATENTED

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Attention! There are low-quality copies on the market!

The smaller version of XXL. A nice option for a small studio. Still VERY comfortable for long sessions. 

Check it out: 
1. Your back will be less tired—you can just lean with your hands on the large pillow of Armrest XL. 
2. Your clients will have dozens of options to get comfortable during the session—again due to the XLARGE pillow size. 
3. The edge of the pillow is soft so it would NOT dig into your armpit during long sessions. 
4. All moving and rotating details are made from steel to last FOREVER. 
Other benefits you will find out during the work ;-) 

— pillow size: 50×37сm (19.7×14.5"), 
— height and tilt adjustment, 
— metal frame with powder painting, 
— height: min 67— max 110 cm (26.4—43.3"), 
— frame base size 32×51cm (12.6×20"). 


NO. There are a lot of "similar" products on the market (hell, just like in any other field🙄). But we don't give a damn about it. Seriously, you can make the same armrest in your garage if you want. We do not mind (we can even share our experience). But it's always a question of quality or price. We have been making armrests since 2016 and we guarantee the quality, we also have a PATENT for the armrest XL and XXL. The same about "similar" stores. It's up to you. Just check sellers carefully before buying 😉

Please note that buyers outside the EU and the US may have to pay customs duties!

What do people usually expect to see when they are visiting a regular tattoo studio as a client? First of all, of course, artists and staff who work there. Secondly, how can services be provided without special equipment like tattoo machines, needles, inks, tubes, and other supplies? Last but not least is furniture. For the average person, this point is as important as the skills of the artist. Therefore, taking this thing into consideration can increase company income and popularity among competitors.

Why are big armrests so important?

People come to the studio with the purpose of getting a tattoo. They choose a drawing design, spend time, money and want proper service and results. But what can they expect if there is no comfortable furniture? Just imagine how disappointed they will be after the session with exhausted arms and pain in the body. That sounds like they are going never come back. This is the problem every artist and studio should overcome to make people satisfied not only with the result but also with the level of service.

By providing the customer with cozy furniture, you show him that you appreciate his time and comfort. The big armrest tattoo device allows relaxing during the process and accepting the result in a good mood. It improves the overall impression and increases the chances of a repeat visit. By the way, having specialized equipment boosts your reputation a lot as a professional and attracts clients more.

What makes this big tattoo armrest a good one?

Every piece of furniture has some positive sides. They present the main value of the product and what stands it out. It is important to mention what's special about it while speaking about the characteristics of the tattoo arm rest XL. So, here is the list of key advantages:

  • Extremely comfortable. In comparison with other alternatives, it has a bigger working space where any hand can be placed without problems.
  • All useful parameters can be adjusted at any time. They include height configurable from 67 to 110 cm (26.4 – 43.3′′) and angle of inclination of the pillows.
  • Easy to assemble and set up. If you have some problems, you can find a helpful video guide on how to construct it.
  • Using only high-quality steel for the frame. It gives confidence during usage and provides reliable support.
  • Help to relieve muscle tension. Sitting without moving for long periods of time harms our health. Keep the arms, shoulders, back, and neck in good shape with special furniture.
  • Compact and suitable. It can be disassembled as fast as set up. Thus, it saves a lot of space when you don't need a big armrest.
  • Affordable price. You do not need to save up a lot to obtain this piece of furniture, especially when you catch a good discount.

As you can see, the number of advantages is high what makes tattoo arm rest size 50x37cm a promising investment. There is no reason to refuse to buy it. Order the product in GG Workshop online store and increase the comfort of your clients. Make sure that you have everything for providing proper service.

Why buy in our shop?

When you are going to purchase a cheap tattoo arm rest 50x37cm or other popular models, it would be a good idea to visit our shop. Our company offers only high-quality products at good prices. Moreover, you can always find something from our assortment on sale.

People all over the world contact our company in order to find what they need. That’s why we work worldwide and ship goods to the USA, the UK, and other countries to keep our customers satisfied. Don’t waste time and give the clients pleasure from relaxing on comfortable furniture as soon as possible.