What equipment is needed for tattooing?

What equipment is needed for tattooing?

Having high-quality equipment for tattooing in your studio is important. It has a great impact on the experience of the clients who visit your place. Artists get essential benefits during their working hours, too, performing their duties much better. Without suitable equipment needed for tattoo, you will have a lot of problems and discomfort.

Decisions referring to the equipment are always complicated, both for beginners who don't know what exactly to buy and for experienced artists who have a great variety to choose from. It is a normal reaction to be confused after visiting today's shops due to the great assortment of equipment you need to become a tattoo artist. But after reading this article, you can understand what items are needed, what's the advantage, and how to choose equipment one need to start tattooing.

What is the common equipment needed to tattoo?

Basically, every master has a standard set of tattoo equipment needed to perform his job. It includes the tattoo machine itself, needles, tubes and tips, ink, power supply, suitable furniture, medical supplies, sentinels, etc. Of course, all of them are important.

The machine is the main instrument that uses needles and ink to make the body drawing. Without it, you can't do your job at all. Sanitizers, latex gloves, autoclaves, Vaseline, and other sterilization supplies are needed for the safety of the client. With a proper safety approach, he will be confident in the service quality. The last point is the furniture. Having all the necessary equipment you need to give a tattoo greatly improves the effectiveness of the artists and gives a positive experience for clients.

The list of needed furniture

Today, all the equipment needed to start tattooing is easy can be found in the shops. The variety of furniture is wide and offers everything you require. So, what you may need for your studio set up?

  • Artist stool. How can you work if there isn’t a place to sit? Sessions last for hours, and work standing up is unreal without breaks. That’s why a stool is necessary. Modern designers offer stable, ergonomic models that will take care of a good posture and your comfort.
  • Armrest. Who wants to hold an arm themselves for several hours? Hard to believe somebody chooses this variant in comparison with a specialized device. Tattoo arm rests offer strong support for the hand and a fixed position. Soft and cozy pillows won't dig into your arm, making discomfort feeling. Also, there are different cushion sizes with adjustable height and angle. It makes them suitable for any client. A stable steel frame guarantees that you can lean on the tattoo arm rest without fear it can break. The compact design of smaller models offers artists the possibility to transport it to the client's place. It provides clients with quality service even outside of the studio.
  • Couch. For this thing, clients will be grateful. Why is it so essential? Well, it gives the opportunity to accommodate the client in a relaxing position while artists can adjust the couch for their own needs and save the comfort of the person. Either you are going to make an ink drawing on the leg or do one on the arm doesn’t matter. It gives the possibility to complete a tattoo on any body part.
  • Trolley. Proper management of equipment you need for tattooing, materials, and inks during the working process is important. It gives the client confidence in the artist and his professionalism. With this device, the master doesn't need to leave a person and has everything at hand. Except for reputation, it improves the overall effectiveness and reduces the time required to finish the body drawing.
  • Workstation. This piece of furniture may not be in every studio. But for the big organizations and workshops, it is an essential item. With it, organizing all the necessary equipment needed for a tattoo artist becomes a lot easier. What is more, it usually has additional features to optimize your environment: lamp and phone holders, multiple drawers, and wheels that allow moving it across the workplace.

Why the furniture for clients is a good investment?

It is an important question that answer clarifies some confusion. When choosing what you need the most, the majority of artists think about their own products and instruments. But it is not always a good idea to forget and ignore the conditions of the client. To be honest, it is never a great decision. Clients are people who make you a successful tattoo artist, and without them, you can't do what you prefer. So, you must try to think about them in the first order and create a proper environment for them. That’s where quality tattooing furniture comes in handy.

Visiting your studio, clients expect good service with an appropriate result. While the second one is obvious and refers to the artist’s skills, the first point is all about comfort. What is the main source of convenience for a client? Yes, correct. It is furniture. Having quality equipment needed for a tattoo shop to accommodate people enhance the experience and give a positive impression.

Tattooing sessions are quite long and can be exhausting. But comfortable furniture fixes it and removes possible discomfort. Suitable chairs, couches, and armrests are designed specifically for the purpose of caring about your health and feeling. What is more, the tattoo furniture is adjustable and can be adapted to every client. So, you don't need to buy a lot of equipment needed for tattoo artist and can save your budget.

How to choose the best armrest?

Making the final decision when selecting furniture from the list of equipment needed for tattooing is always difficult. But you need to focus on specific factors that will a great value during the usage in the future. Here is the list with key aspects you should take into consideration when choosing equipment tattoo artist need:

  • Cushion size. First of all, make sure that the width of the armrest pillow will be enough to service any client. Please note that it doesn’t make small cushions bad. Their main advantage is mobility because you can easily transport the device to other places. But for the studio, it would be a good idea to get something universal and big to offer clients maximum comfort.
  • Comfort. As the armrest’s main goal is to provide comfortable conditions, pay attention to the quality of pillow foam and its softness. Check if it can change the angle of the stand and how stable it is after fixing it in a certain position. Before having visitors check yourself it is comfortable.
  • Height. People have different height parameters, and the ability to adapt the tattooing equipment to their needs saves a lot of time and money. Besides the client’s comfort, the artist’s one is satisfied too.
  • Stability. There are flat bases, tripods, and chair-like legs. All of them are used in the tattoo studios but make sure the item is stable enough to service the customer.
  • Design. While usability is the primary aspect, the appearance of the item shouldn’t be ignored. Working with a stylish and modern armrest gives an aesthetical pleasure both for the artist and client. An original print is an additional detail of the armrest that will emphasize the uniqueness.
  • Price. The material resources aren’t endless. There is a lot of furniture at affordable prices. Moreover, if the price is too high at the moment, don’t be upset because it can be significantly reduced during discounts and various promotions.

As you might have already understood, the equipment needed to do tattoos is a vital part of every artist and studio. If you have interested in purchasing furniture and armrests, visit our shop page with a range of quality original products.

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