Original Tattoo Armrest L - pillow size 35×25сm by GG Workshop

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Super small but still comfortable Arm Rest - L. Easy to transport. Great space saver. 

Check it out:
1. The lower part does not interfere with the crosspiece of the chair. 
2. The structure is completely collapsible, it takes minimal places during transportation. 
3. The edge of the pillow is soft so it would NOT dig into your armpit during long sessions. 
4. All moving and rotating details are made from steel to last FOREVER. 

— pillow size: 35×25сm (13.7×9.8"), 
— height and tilt adjustment, 
— metal frame with powder painting, 
— height: min 66— max 96 cm (26—37.8"), 
— frame base size (crossing) 30cm (11.8"). 

Please note that buyers outside the EU and the US may have to pay customs duties!

A small armrest is key furniture of every studio that is often used by artists during their work. It gives them a lot of possibilities for comfort conditions which boosts their effectiveness and reduces time spent on drawing a tattoo. The reason is that tattoo arm rest 30x21 cm is adjustable, so you can adapt both height and tilt according to your preferences.

This device gives benefits not only for artists. A small armrest is first of all furniture for client needs. Visiting a tattoo studio, people can spend several hours sitting in one position. This situation will probably make them tired and exhausted. But that is where tattoo arm rest size 30x21 cm comes in handy and saves the client from inconveniences. It offers stable support for an arm during an entire tattoo session. Soft and quality pillows provide comfortable space for your arm and will not leave painful feelings after use.

What is important in small tattoo armrests?

This piece of furniture is all about comfort. It must be adjustable and adapted easily for any client. The flexibility of rotations and height parameters frees artists from purchasing multiple items and saves a lot of space in the studio.

Concerns about the design are important too. An ergonomic shape reduces muscle tension and avoids health problems after multiple sessions. The modern and beautiful appearance of the furniture attracts more clients and satisfies during the process.

How easy is it to clean? As you are a tattoo artist, there isn’t a lot of time to spend on cleaning. Thus, the small tattoo armrest shouldn't take much effort cleaning the surfaces. Choosing our armrest of L size, you can easily wipe all areas and be sure that everything is clean and ready for the next customer.

Another aspect is pricing. Expensive furniture is usually good, but there isn't always enough money to buy it. But you can consider a cheap one too because you can find both quality and budget items. Our small armrest is one of these.

Main features of a small armrest

Tattoo arm rest L is a perfect choice because of multiple reasons. It combines all other models’ advantages and offers extra useful features due to its design.

  • Easy-to-use and assemble
  • Doesn’t require special instruments to adjust it
  • Compact design
  • Ergonomic shape that removes muscle tension
  • Reliable strong support for any arm
  • Quality steel in construction guarantees a long lifetime
  • Adjustable height from 60 to 100 cm (23.6 – 39.4’’)
  • Rotating and soft pillow which gives maximum comfort

But the main advantage of this L size armrest refers to the size. In comparison with bigger alternatives, this one is super small and perfect both for studio placement and taking it with yourself outside of the common workplace. If you are a mobile artist, it is a real treasure that offers high portability, which helps a lot during transportations. But if you are not, the small armrest saves a lot of space in the room, and it can be easily removed when you don’t need it.

Buying small armrests: advantages of dealing with us

GG Workshop is a reliable partner of many clients not only in the USA or the UK but also around the world. Our company tries to help everyone whenever you are and provides fast shipping to any part of the world. It usually takes 5-30 (rarely 60) days to transport the order to your place. If you are not satisfied with the order for some reason, you can contact us for a full refund within 30 days.

We have a range of quality tattoo furniture, including this small and suitable armrest. Visiting our shop, you can sometimes even find out there is a discount on different products. Why not use this chance and order good equipment on sale?