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Original Tattoo Armrest XL - pillow size 50x37cm by GG Workshop

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Attention, there are low-quality copies on the market!

The smaller version of XXL. A nice option for a small studio. Still VERY comfortable for long sessions. 

Check it out: 
1. Your back will be less tired—you can just lean with your hands on the large pillow of Armrest XL. 
2. Your clients will have dozens of options to get comfortable during the session—again due to the XLARGE pillow size. 
3. The edge of the pillow is soft so it would NOT dig into your armpit during long sessions. 
4. All moving and rotating details are made from steel to last FOREVER. 
Other benefits you will find out during the work ;-) 

— pillow size: 50×37сm (19.7×14.5"), 
— height and tilt adjustment, 
— metal frame with powder painting, 
— height: min 67— max 110 cm (26.4—43.3"), 
— frame base size 32×51cm (12.6×20"). 

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