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GG Workshop Tattoo Equipment ®

Tattoo Armrest L (Light version) - pillow 35x25cm by GG Workshop

Tattoo Armrest L (Light version) - pillow 35x25cm by GG Workshop

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Premium Small Tattoo Armrest - L Light version

Elevate your tattoo studio experience with our premium small tattoo armrest - L, meticulously crafted for superior comfort and functionality during tattoo sessions. This armrest combines sleek design with exceptional durability, offering a stable and supportive platform for both tattoo artists and clients.

Compact Design: The small size of our armrest makes it perfect for studio placement and easy transportation, catering to both stationary and mobile artists.
Adjustable Height: Accommodate various seating preferences with a height range from 70 to 115 cm (27.6 – 45.3 inches), ensuring optimal comfort for clients of all sizes.
Rotating and Soft Pillow: The rotating and soft pillow, measuring 35 x 25 cm (13.8 x 9.8 inches), provides maximum comfort and alleviates muscle tension during prolonged tattoo sessions.
Sturdy Construction: Constructed from durable steel, this armrest offers reliable support, weighing approximately 6.2 kg (13.7 lbs).
Spacious Base: The bottom platform measures 50 x 50 cm (19.7 x 19.7 inches), providing stability and preventing slippage during use.
Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic shape of the armrest ensures optimal positioning and comfort for both artists and clients, enhancing the tattooing experience.


Weight: 6.2 kg (13.7 lbs)
Dimensions: Height adjustable from 70 to 115 cm (27.6 – 45.3 inches)
Base Size: 50 x 50 cm (19.7 x 19.7 inches)
Pillow Size: 35 x 25 cm (13.8 x 9.8 inches)
Pillow Thickness: 6 cm (2.4 inches)

GG Workshop is your trusted source for premium tattoo furniture, offering fast worldwide shipping. Upgrade your studio with our small and versatile armrest, providing unparalleled comfort and support for both artists and clients. Experience the difference with GG Workshop tattoo equipment today.


We ship worldwide via airmail (FedEx, DHL), so no long waits or foreign postal websites. 2-3-5 days. Bonus for buyers from the US and the EU - no duties😃 (sorry Canadians, but your customs charges duties at 10-15%)


Bienvenue sur notre page d'examen vidéo des accoudoirs de tatouage de GG Workshop Tattoo Equipment®

Vous trouverez ici une collection de critiques vidéo d'artistes tatoueurs qui ont essayé et testé notre accoudoir, partageant leurs commentaires et opinions honnêtes sur sa fonctionnalité, sa durabilité et sa conception globale.

Notre accoudoir de tatouage est conçu pour offrir un maximum de confort et de soutien pendant les longues séances de tatouage, avec des options de hauteur et d'angle réglables pour répondre aux différents types de corps et styles de tatouage.

Regardez nos clients satisfaits démontrer comment notre accoudoir a amélioré leur flux de travail et leur a permis de produire facilement des tatouages ​​de haute qualité.

Que vous soyez un tatoueur professionnel ou que vous débutiez, nos critiques vidéo vous permettront de mieux comprendre comment notre accoudoir peut être bénéfique pour votre expérience de tatouage.

Alors asseyez-vous, détendez-vous et laissez les expériences de nos clients vous guider dans le choix du meilleur accoudoir de tatouage pour vos besoins.






If you are looking for a big and quality armrest, you are in the right place. Tattoo furniture is a profitable investment for any artist or studio. You might ask why? The answer is that every person wants to stay in comfortable conditions wherever he is. The right equipment provides all needed conveniences for every client regardless of their preferences.

But making a decision can be sometimes hard. GG Workshop team understands how difficult the search for a large, suitable XXL armrest is. Not every shop is ready to provide such big equipment, and some offer bad-quality variants. That’s why we offer various models, including a tattoo armrest 70x37 cm that guarantees maximum comfort during any long tattoo session in the studio.


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NO. There are a lot of "similar" products on the market (hell, just like in any other field🙄). But we don't give a damn about it. Seriously, you can make the same armrest in your garage if you want. We do not mind (we can even share our experience). But it's always a question of quality or price. We have been making armrests since 2016 and we guarantee the quality, we also have a PATENT for the armrests XL and XXL. The same about "similar" stores. It's up to you. Just check sellers carefully before buying 😉


First of all, the most concerns are connected with organizing a proper workplace for an artist and high-level service for a client. The tattoo sessions are long and require holding an arm in a fixed position for an entire period. If the person stays in this position without comfortable furniture, he will probably become tired and disappointed. It is the reason for investing material resources into a good armrest for your studio. And the result is profitable. The better service you can provide, the more comfortable client feels. It means the more chances he will come back again to your studio or tell friends about good quality. Anyway, you can expect additional clients and extra profit.

For the artist, the device is necessary too. The armrest fixes the hand of the client in one position. Movements can affect the drawing badly, bringing stress and slowing the process. Another point is the artist can adjust the armrest pillow as he wishes. It allows choosing the best angle for the work and sufficient lighting.

Advantages of an oversized tattoo armrest

When you buy something, you should understand why you are going to purchase it. Knowing key characteristics helps search and makes it easier to compare different goods. Maybe seeing something in one product and missing it in another will help you to decide about the suitable one. As for this big armrest stand, the main features are:

The big and wide size of the pillow provides high-level comfort for any arm size

A strong steel construction will be reliable support during the session

Compact and easy-to-clean design

Despite its size, it is lightweight

Easily assemble and disassembled even with just one person

Soft pillows that won't press on your arm and elbow, giving discomfort

Adjustable height from 67 to 110 cm (26.4 – 43.3′′)

Possibility to configure the angle of the cushion

Modern and original design

Ability to place your arm wherever you want. There are no limits due to XXL size.

Tattoo armrests XXL that we offerGG Workshop is a constantly developing company that sells original products in the USA and the UK and shipping goods to other countries in any part of the world. It means for you, as our client, fresh and cheap furniture supplies to keep the studio equipment up-to-date and attract customers. Our tattoo equipment catalog includes various cheap and comfortable XXL armrests. Our company provides its customers great opportunities and discounts, giving them the chance to buy professional equipment on sale. The prices can surprise you, so make sure you are ready for this. So, if you want to buy a tattoo armrest XXL, check it out on our online shop and order shipping to your country. There are a lot of happy and satisfied clients who work with our products all over the world. Many of them contacted us again to order new equipment. Become one of them now and improve your comfort with us!

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